Features Unique to Remote Patrol HD

  • Work with SecuritySpy 3.11 or higher including version 4
  • Designed specifically for the larger iPad screen real-estate
  • Built in integration with Indigo for Mac to control your house while you watch
  • Free form layout of cameras on views as well as predesigned layouts
  • Mix multiple servers' cameras onto one view
  • Save views of cameras from different servers, then recall them quickly
  • Move quickly between different views
  • Color code each servers' cameras so you can visually pick them out in a mixed layout




Video Tutorials


Server Setup










Camera Layout

Customer Testimonials

Excellent Job ★★★★★ - by Rimblow

This is a great App, And the layout was well thought out and seamless between viewing the cameras and Controlling my Insteon lights thru Indigo. And with the latest version 1.2.1 which now provides folder support in Indigo to keep all the rooms organized. I also use Remote Patrol on my iPhone IOS 6 with no problems While on travel for work. Rob was very quick with the fixes in the Indigo side of it. Keep up the great work.

Indispensable viewer for SecuritySpy ★★★★★ - by noahkidding

I use this viewer to see what's going on around my home. It's particularly useful when expecting deliveries or tradesmen.


Best App for video surveillance! ★★★★★ - by lgf30022

Really, it is. I've been using this since it was introduced on the iPhone. Now I use it on both iPhone and iPad. It integrates flawlessly with Securityspy which is my camera server at the house. Setting profiles with different camera combos is a snap. I can recommend it with confidence.